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A new publication providing clinical tools for vocal fold wound healing

In an exciting development from Joshi Voice Lab, we are proud to announce the publication of a new study in Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups 3. Authored by our lab member Abigail Dueppen and Dr. Ashwini Joshi, the paper, "Wound Healing and Special Considerations for the Professional and Performing Voice," marks a significant stride in voice rehabilitation research.


This paper reviews the wound healing process of the vocal fold following phonomicrosurgery for removing benign vocal fold lesions, particularly in professional voice users. Understanding this healing process and the risk of developing scar tissue at the injury site is crucial for effective treatment. The study not only sheds light on the intricacies of post-injury rehabilitation but also emphasizes the unique vocal demands and needs of performing voice users.

A key takeaway from this publication is the necessity for rehabilitation plans tailored to the unique vocal loads of professional and performing artists. It underlines the need for developing specific, genre-sensitive rehabilitation protocols to cater to the elite vocal athlete. This paper is a testament to Joshi Voice Lab's commitment to enhancing voice therapy through targeted, research-based approaches.



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